MediaWiN 2008

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Welcome message from the Chairs

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the Third Workshop on multiMedia Applications over Wireless Networks (MediaWiN 2008), this year held in conjunction with the prestigious IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC'08) in the mysterious and beautiful city of Marrakesh, in Morocco.

The first and second editions of the Workshop, MediaWiN 2006 and 2007, attracted a number of very interesting papers and were attended by several researchers from all over the world. The success of the two events was beyond our prospects, confirming the interest of the scientific community for the topics covered by the Workshop and, most notable, the demand for a Workshop that was specifically focused on such topics!

In the very recent period, multimedia communications over wireless networks have evolved from pure academic lucubration to a promising business field that gathers the interest of the most important ICT players. Research on sensor, mesh, and ad hoc networks, for years exclusive prerogative of academics, is now breaking through the border of University labs to enter R&D department of manufacturers, operators, providers. The possibility of providing ubiquitous connectivity by means of low cost multi-hop mesh or sensor networks, indeed, opens the way to the development of a plethora of novel applications, a perspective that attracts small entrepreneurs as well as giant telecom operators.

Nevertheless, there are still a number of roadblocks that need to be removed in order to ease the path towards this new market. MediaWiN 2008 is intended to address such roadblocks and promote the research on this direction. In particular, MediaWiN 2008 aims at promoting the circulation of ideas and the creation of contacts among the several researchers involved in quality and reliability, modeling and standardization, as well as application design aspects for multimedia communications over wireless networks.

Encouraged by the very positive response received by the first two editions and by the increasing interest on the topics covered by the Workshop, we are quite confident that MediaWiN 2008 will be an exciting occasion to have a clear vision of the edging developments on the field of multimedia communications over wireless networks and to exchange ideas and experiences with other researchers active in this hot area.

We look forward to see you in Marrakesh!

General Co-Chair Technical Program Co-Chairs

Kostas Pentikousis
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland

Periklis Chatzimisios
TEI of Thessaloniki, Greece

Andrea Zanella
University of Padova, Italy

Ilenia Tinnirello
University of Palermo, Italy

Vasileios Vitsas
TEI of Thessaloniki, Greece



Last update: 11/1/2008

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